1. Before: what do I want to find?

1.7 Where can I search for it?

1.7.7. Social networks

Social networks may be a great source of information, in particular when we are searching for current information. For instance, users share content on Twitter on subjects that are taking place at that time, instead of focusing on sharing personal and/or emotion-related contents.

Therefore, in the microblogging network we may find the latest information, contrasted by several media and even commented upon by several people, almost in real time.

The Twitter search engine allows for searching information using hashtags or tags that include all the information on the Internet related to a given subject, such as #UOCprocedures or #immigrants.

Instagram, a social network for pictures, also allows for tag searching, which makes it a very effective, user-friendly site if we are searching for images on a given subject or place.