2. During the search: What did I find? How do I sift through information?

2.1. How to sift through information and assess the results obtained

2.1.3. Is Wikipedia reliable?

Many search engines retrieve results from a specific source of information when we are searching for something: Wikipedia. In this sense, we should take into account that Wikipedia is not a primary source. Besides, it is a collaborative source, which means it does not have a specific author. Therefore, it is really important to always keep in mind the sources provided as references in the article. That is to say, valid references that make it possible for us to contrast and check the information provided and assess its reliability.

More information on that may be found on the following links provided by Wikipedia:

Besides, it should be noted that when the article published in Wikipedia does not meet the criteria for the reference section, a warning appears to make sure we notice it. Other remarks may also be included, mentioning potential areas for improvement in terms of article quality.

Nevertheless, the discussion and history sections in the Wikipedia articles also allow us to see what the controversial points in a given subject may be, or the different updates that were done on a given article.